Al Saralis

Al Saralis, who is of Greek ancestry, was born and raised in Wales and now resides in Hampshire. A professional artist since 1980, he graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from Cardiff University.

Al has developed a passion for depicting the human figure since his early life drawing sessions at college and this remains his main source of inspiration. His paintings are largely composed of a single subject, stripped of obvious narrative, they have an enduring and haunting quality that evokes a personal
connection and allows much to interpretation.

Al has always maintained an interest in the classical beauty of the Renaissance. This, alongside his fascination with the human form has led his work to develop to where it is today. His work is often described as being able to conjure a feeling of spirituality. His aim is to create something beautiful, interesting, that merges both contemporary and classical; something timeless.

Please note that all artwork prices are subject to change as per individual artist’s instructions. 

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