Ann Ross

Ann Ross RSW lives in Edinburgh and is a frequent exhibitor with various private galleries throughout Britain. Travelling in Britain and abroad has always inspired her work. The memory of different experiences, cultures, weather, people, animals  and  wildlife,  towns,  buildings  and landscape are all recalled in her work. ‘I try to paint time and place. As I travel, I record special combinations of light, colour, pattern and shape. I note rhythms in the landscape and environment, traditions in the architecture, the traces of decay and restoration, details in the everyday life of various countries – and try to fix those details in my mind and sketchbooks. I use these drawings, studies and collected ephemera to make images in my studio in Edinburgh, trying to recall these experiences. ‘Memory becomes an image of time and place but using colour and paint is the real adventure – creating images is a journey into recalled light, shape and experience.’

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