Michael Porter

The Newlyn based artist Michael Porter paints what he loves, and inspiration comes from what he see beneath his feet, whether walking along the seashore, through woods or across the cliff. When you spend time looking at his beautiful creations there is a sense that the paintings have been made rather than painted. This is, in part due to the time consuming, elaborate technique he employs to recreate the complex textures he sees around him in the rugged and varied Cornish landscape.

For the past 20 years Michael has chosen to work exclusively from the landscape, always using locations that he has been familiar with over long periods of time as the paintings incorporate both time past and time present.

Michael who studied at Chelsea School of Art is a seasoned artist who has been regularly exhibited in museums and contemporary galleries in London, Europe and America and has been the recipient of numerous major awards e.g. The National Gallery Artist in residence, The Lorne Award London University, The Odin Award RWA, Honorary doctorate from Derby University and more recently Honorary Fellow of University College Falmouth.