Sold Out

Ascension 2




“I have always been inspired by the human figure and the effect light has upon it. I have used various ways of portraying the body such as dance, swimming and also boxing but it is the body itself that interests me rather than the activities in particular. It is the physicality of the form and the beauty of the athletic figure that makes me want to paint.

I usually have an idea of how I want the painting to look but in some pieces the original idea moves into something else and I leave some of the older workings, the initial sketches and drawing, the “structure” as I love to leave that “energy” visible. I try to convey emotionally charged work using light and shadow as well as rich and contrasting colour. I want a level of realism but I also want to escape from the confines it can impose and react to the paint and image in a more expressive way.

I use a lot life drawing for reference but information and ideas come from all areas, films, books and magazines are all utilized to reinforce the imagery of the painting. Klimt, Bacon, Schiele, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Waterhouse are some of the artists that I have studied and that have had a great influence on my work.”

Bill Bate


122cm x 92cm


Oil on Canvas


Lympstone Manor