Below the Hearne’s Place (65 x 66cm)[1826]

Below Herne’s Place



“It’s usually pretty fast and dynamic, which is a way of responding to the often rapidly changing light and conditions of painting outside.  Painting outside and using as much paint as I do – it can be wild – the wind and rain tends to move it around when you throw it onto the paper. It can be harsh out there, up on the moor – but I love it.  My studio is just a place for looking at finished work and tidying it up.  It is fantastic working outside – you’re not totally in control because of the weather and the raw inspiration of the place.  Ink and water can get blown over the paper.  At first it can look chaotic, but I work with that – I love that unpredictable aspect.  For me it is all about allowing something that is beyond my control to come through – allowing the place, the wind, the weather directly into the painting.  If I felt I was fighting against the elements it wouldn’t be very enjoyable, but I just relish the chaos.”

Stewart Edmondson


65cm x 66 cm


Mixed Media


Lympstone Manor