Stephanie Rew

The Scottish artist Stephanie Rew is an outstanding and accomplished painter. Her depictions of the female form are expertly created in the manner of the old masters. Although her inspiration is drawn from a variety of different sources, her interest in the Tonalist artists of the early 20th century, the Romantic Movement and the Baroque Masters has had a great influence on her work.

After studying the portraits of J. M. Whistler and woodblock prints of the Japanese Ukiyo-e, she has become increasingly interested in pattern and design and has embarked on a series of works that combine these attributes.

Stephanie likes to paint with a sense of ambiguity; faces half-hidden, with the human form emerging from the darkness. The human body is the predominant motif of her work, and she has developed her style by using drapery and pattern in combination with the figure.

We are currently displaying a solo exhibition on Stephanie’s work at Lympstone Manor between 5th June – 17th July. We are also hosting a luncheon event, where she will be speaking about her process and influences. If you would like to learn more about this event please click here.