Stewart Edmondson

We are pleased to introduce you to the work of ‘plein artist’ Stewart Edmondson. Stewart is a local man who lives and works in the heart of the peaceful Devon countryside. His love of nature and his natural flare for art and design led him to train as a landscape architect. Eventually the natural urge to paint eventually took control and he decided to become a full time artist. Stewart’s paintings capture the essence of a fleeting moment in time – a fresh spring morning or hot sultry summer evening.

When commenting on his process Stewart writes: “Working outside – the painting often has to be fast and dynamic, because of the changing light and weather…but for me that is a key part of the process – allowing something that is beyond my control to come through…or to come from the place into the painting. It can be direct, like rain falling or wind moving the paint. With that unpredictability comes the magic – the alchemy of it…”

His work is exhibited in highly regarded galleries across the U.K. including in the cities of London and Bath.

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