Candice Bees

The Bristol born sculptor Candice Bees captures the graceful movements of animals and birds using bounded stainless-steel wire. The artist originally trained as an illustrator only to find its two dimensions hampering her creative spirit. However, her more recent three-dimensional forms are not completely removed from her illustrative foundations, as bunches of wire are gathered and bound, resembling bold sketched marks made with pen or pencil.

Candice constantly pushes the limits of her chosen medium to successfully depict animal behaviour, gesture, and movement no matter how small or imperceptible. Her aim is to show the viewer the subtle side of nature so often overlooked for the grander poses more frequently portrayed in sculpture; Bees explains. “I also want to show the fragility of nature and the effects that our day to day lives can have on the life around us.”

Bees has received invitations to show at multiple prestigious exhibitions in London, including the Mall Galleries Society of Equestrian Artist’s annual show and the Society of Wildlife Artist’s annual exhibition where she was awarded the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year in the Urban Wildlife category. Since appearing on the BBC one show ‘Home is where the Art is ‘ in July 2020 the demand for commissions has been overwhelming.

Please note that all artwork prices are subject to change as per individual artist’s instructions.

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