Dominic Clare

After completing a degree in Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic Dominic Clare worked for the sculptor David Nash. The artist now resides and works in Wiltshire where he creates beautiful pieces which bear his own distinctive style.

Dominic’s art draws on a range of cross-cultural influences from his birthplace in Ethiopia, to his interest in ancient history, the human figure and organic structures.

His work is varied, encompassing many different themes which shown together resembling props on life’s stage.  HIs Towers can be thought of as safe places where one dwells in seclusion, separated from the facts and practicalities of the real world.

He shot blasts and burns the wood, exposing the grain by blowing away the soft summer growth. Burning transforms the wood, soft and charred or polished like black marble. Both methods tighten the surface tension to reveal purity of form.

As these sculptures demonstrate, the impact on the viewer is particularly powerful yet at the same time there is elegance in their beauty.

‘I communicate through making things, things that are secret, personal, sensitive, strong, big and bold.’

Dominic has undertaken numerous public commissions throughout Wales and has exhibited widely throughout the U.K.

Please note that all artwork prices are subject to change as per individual artist’s instructions.

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