Dominic Welch

The opportunity to exhibit selected works by the talented sculptor Dominic Welch is truly a privilege. His serenely elegant forms created in Kilkenny limestone, Ancaster Weatherbed, Carrara marble and bronze stand testament to his reputation of being one of leading sculptors of his generation.

Dominic, who was destined for academia after studying ‘A’ levels, took an unexpected change in direction by embarking on a 10 year apprenticeship under the guidance of sculptor Peter Randall-Page. Since these early beginnings, a distinctive style has evolved that is truly his own.

The long, hard process of creating each sculpture begins with Dominic drawing his design by hand directly onto the stone. Painstaking attention to curve, line and finish reaps its’ rewards with the emergence of dream-like images that serve to calm the senses and spark the imagination. Soft curves appear to float, flicker or balance on a point which belies the reality of the heavy, stubborn stone underneath.

The unique nature of Dominic’s creations have earned him the rare accolade of being represented by Messum’s in London. He has also exhibited extensively throughout the UK, North America, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

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