James Jones

The U.K. based artist James Jones was born with an innate desire to sculpt. He began the journey towards becoming a professional artist by exploring how to join metal together to create 3D forms using surplus scrap metal in his father’s garage. After gaining a degree in ceramics James returned to perfecting his skills in using metal. Today he specialises in creating bespoke sculpture using materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and CorTen steel.

James creates artwork born from a marriage of artistic vision and the desire to create perfection. Each exquisite piece is unique and as such present him with a series of new challenges. Every project serves as a ‘learning curve’, pushing him ever forward in developing and honing his expertise. James prides himself in producing artwork of the very highest standard and all fabrications and finishes are done by hand.

James has an impressive portfolio which includes metal sculptures and wall art. He has been invited to exhibit his work throughout the UK including Salisbury Cathedral. His sculptures can also be found further afield at “The King Abdullah Sports City”, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

“I take inspiration from a wide range of sources and create forms that juxtapose the scientific with the spiritual, the philosophical with the biological. My work is an exploration of both our belief systems and the systems within the mind/body that create our experience of ourselves and of the universe”.  

“The interrelationship between concepts of unity; opposites; balance; the internal and external; micro and macrocosms; the self and the soul are all examined through my sculptural work. ‘Zeros’ and ‘ones’ are used as a metaphor for mutually dependent dualities such as on-off, male-female, all-nothing”.

Please note that all artwork prices are subject to change as per individual artist’s instructions.

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