Pete Tatham

We are pleased to present ‘Dust to Dust’ a work by the sculptor Pete Tatham who specialises in large sculptural works in a wide range of mediums. With a fine art background his work regularly blurs the lines between traditional and conceptual sculpture.

‘Dust to Dust’ is a contemporary version of the iconic mythological god Atlas. Designed to be viewed in terms of a simple struggle with mortality, it also incorporates more complex themes of the environmental and geopolitical destructive nature of humankind.

This piece was originally inspired by the artist’s struggle with health. Being diagnosed with M.E. when he was aged 17 and bed- ridden for the greater part of 2 years Pete Tatham described it as, “Though my world and body was disintegrating around me.”

The work was created over 20 years later created when the artist’s father was dying and shortly before the birth of his daughter. The ambivalence of hope and despair, the cycle of death and regeneration dominates a piece determined to make the viewer contemplate a world teetering on the edge of destruction.

As well as an extensive portfolio of commissions and private pieces, Pete Tatham has also worked for Pangolin Editions on large works for some of the finest national and international artists.

Please note that all artwork prices are subject to change as per individual artist’s instructions.

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