Peter Beard

Peter Beard studied industrial and furniture design at Ravensbourne College of Art in London. After helping to set up a pottery business in Scotland, he established a studio in Kent but is now based in Leamington Spa. Peter creates works of art in ceramics, bronze and stone which combines technical skill with innovative, craftsmanship with ingenuity, and passion with intellect.

Along with ancient artefacts from diverse cultures, Peter’s work is principally inspired by nature, particularly landscapes and its formation by forces of wind and water. There are echoes of ripples left in the sand by the entreating tide, of the growth of lichens and fungi, shells and seaweed. But nothing is treated literally: these are the starting points for exploration which Peter develops in his studio, sometimes over many years.

The objective of Peter’s ceramic work is to produce beautiful objects that are modern, but which owe allegiance to history, giving them a timeless quality. Strong simple shapes are decorated with complex surfaces to complement the form and excite the eye. His bronze work is similarly designed to spark the viewers imagination.

Please note that all artwork prices are subject to change as per individual artist’s instructions.

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